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Free program to view and explore geographic details.

Thuban is an interactive viewer for geographic data (GIS), that offers its users diverse advanced ways and means to view and explore this type of material.

It is not only a free geographical information explorer but also of open code. So, you can freely use it and also modify it if you wish. Here are some of Thuban´s best features:

* Support for data vectors: Shapefile and PostGIS layers.

* Support for rasterized data: GeoTIFF layers.

* Comfortable and intuitive browsing via maps.

* Notes and object identifications.

* Legend and classification reader.

* Table joining and consultations.

* Support for projections.

* Support for vector printing and exporting.

* It includes an API for Add-ons.

* It has support for multiple languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

* Help file in English.


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